Flickering Waves

In what may prove to be the longest title of any episode of this podcast, Terry does explore the Negativland song that inspired the title of this episode but there is so much more.  First, Terry briefly considers not talking about TV anymore then proceeds to recommend three TV series (The Honorable Woman, Sonic Highways & A to Z. 

Then, a number of movies are discussed most of which are availble on Netflix Watch Instant.  Some are soon to leave like Girls Just Want To Have Fun while some are still coming like Chef.  There are some New Year's Eve viewing suggestions including the previously discussed One From The Heart which recently returned to the Netflix streaming service.

Finally, the discussion goes to music with post scripts on discussions of She & Him and Guided by Voices.  However, the heart of the music discussion is a consideration of the Negativland song from 1989.  Since artists like The Flaming Lips are taking pop recordings like Sgt. Pepper and making them stranger should artists like Taylor Swift seek out more adventurous recordings and make them work in the pop realm?  This smorgasbord of an episode tries to refer back to elements of the earlier episodes while laying out clues to podcast episodes that should be forthcoming in 2015.

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