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As April comes to a close, this episode of the podcast covers a lot of territory.  There is a brief wrap up of Terry's time at the 2015 Florida Film Festival where he watched The Little Death and Alphaville.  The bulk of the discussion is about Wilco's debut album A.M. which celebrated its 20th anniversary back in March.  To provide that discussion with good context, we revisit the end of Uncle Tupelo and talk briefly about the other band that came from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt.  Terry talks about the one record store visit that helped make him the fan of Wilco that he remains to this day.

To wrap up the episode, there is a brief discussion of another album marking its 20th anniversary.  April 1995 brought us Home IX, an all-time favorite of Terry's.  And Terry pays tribute to Vin Scelsa who is about to wrap up his nearly fifty years career in radio.

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