Flickering Waves

This return of the podcast was inspired by a musical discovery from this past summer.  This discovery led to a lengthy YouTube/internet search and ultimately a chance to finally talk about cover songs.  This intended-as-a-mini-episode but instead became a gluttonous epic of an episode was also inspired by Taylor Swift's & Ryan Adams' versions of 1989.  Contained within is a discussion of six songs that Terry feels would make interesting covers for male artists (and yes Terry is playing rock 'n' roll fantasy here as well).

As She & Him, Bongwater, Tori Amos, Yo La Tengo, Beth Orton & The Breeders are known for covering songs themselves, six more songs are discussed from those artists.  In that second course, a discussion is had of those cover songs and in most cases the artists who originated them.  Tangents are definitely found within but also a brief explanation on the gap between episodes and as well as aspirations for 2016.

As stated many, many times during the episode, we have a YouTube channel (Flickering Waves) that has the songs discussed in this episode and a few additional clips.  If you like what we are up to here, please follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves), join our Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes.  We will close out 2015 with what will hopefully become another annual tradition, the Flickering Waves Wish List.

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