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Revisiting the idea of the "Moonlight Feels Right" installment of the podcast, Terry tries to reflect on the Santana favorite from 1976, "Europa".  However, when the song is from an artist whose works now span six decades, the main topic of discussion is easily stepped around during the episode.  From high school poetry to qualifiers as well as guitar lessons of different kinds covering two generations, this became more of an episode than what was originally intended.

As music has served as a way to make sense of a world that is becoming increasingly less so, the events in Orlando at Pulse and Plaza Live did affect indirectly the recording of the episode.  As awkward as the opening may seem, everyone at Flickering Waves is hoping for the best for the survivors, the friends and family of the victims and the city of Orlando in what was a weekend full of senseless, wholly unjustified violence.

There is quite the YouTube playlist at our YouTube channel; search for "Flickering Waves Europa" and the playlist should come right up.  Please remember though we encourage everyone out there to seek out physical and/or legal downloads of the music and video contained in the playlist (where available).  Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes (five stars reviews are much appreciated).  We also have a Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) as well as a Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Listen to the end of the podcast and one can find out the subject of Episode 18 with a tentative release date of July 4th.  Take care, everyone and everywhere.

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