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To mark Bill Withers' 78th birthday on July 4th, we are discussing his debut album from 1971 entitled Just As I Am.  As the song Ain't No Sunshine is featured on the album, Terry talks to his friend about the song's connection to them through the movie that they made in 1999 entitled The Whole Town Is Sleeping.

And while on the surface having someone whose knowledge is more in movies than in music, Joel move than proved to be the perfect guest for this episode.  Terry & Joel look back at the movie they made tying it back to an ultimate soundtrack album that was made as a source of inspiration and even a little frustration.  They also look back at an album that hopefully can get its fair due before the 50th anniversary in 2021.  Terry also finds a way to tie it back to one of the better received albums of 2016.

And at this epic length, one can be assured that they are tangents on deck.  Seek out the forthcoming YouTube playlist on the Flickering Waves channel to help sort out unfamiliar waters.

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