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Shifting away from TV and over to music, Terry takes aim at a favorite song, The Coctails' Tenement from 1993's Long Sound, the band's third full-length release.  Knowing that most are unfamiliar with this band, Terry goes into a not-so-brief history of the band's first five years which Terry got exposed to by first seeing them at the Covered Dish in Gainesville, FL in 1994.

The Coctails started out in Kansas City but would adopt Chicago as their home.  Their unique blend of garage rock, jazz, exotica and whatever music moved them at the time would invite music lovers like Terry and confound others such as those that he informally introduced their music to over time.

Along the way, the podcast listener can discover why "Dancing With Architecture" was a suggested title for Terry's earlier podcast.  Find us on flickeringwaves.com and on iTunes as well as Facebook and Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and look for episode playlists on YouTube.

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