Flickering Waves

This is a relatively short episode of the podcast to bring the machinery back up to speed for more episodes in 2017.  The time away was just that.  Thought was given to hanging it up but as long as the downloads keep happening, there will be more but there is no guarantee of the frequency.

So perhaps the last few months feel strange.  Yeah, me too.  Looking briefly back at November and last Oscar Sunday, Terry offers thoughts on how he feels about award shows now and what these two events might mean for the episodes ahead.  Perhaps new vistas will be exciting or perhaps it is fancy dressing over old ideas.  Thanks for taking a listen and deciding for yourself.

No YouTube playlist for this one.  However, if one wants to follow what movies Terry watches in 2017, there is a YouTube playlist for that.  For links related to the episode, Terry just might post on the Facebook group page and/or the Twitter feed.

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