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This episode features an unique discussion of the 1998 film Next Stop Wonderland starring Hope Davis and directed by Brad Anderson.  As we are one year from the 20th anniversary of the film, Terry didn't want to do a regular breakdown of the film.  There are likely spoilers in this episode but one hopes that the discussion will encourage watching or re-watching one of Terry's favorite films of 1990s.

So in this discussion, Terry explores some history with some of the actors in the film as well as his own personal history of watching the film.  Also, Terry speaks about his fascination with the soundtrack and bossa nova in general.  Towards the end, there are a couple of film recommendations as well as a slice of Terry's creative thought surrounding what he wanted in the third segment of Before series (which would be named Before Midnight).

All of this and more is framed around a nod to a recurring moment in Next Stop Wonderland.  To do this, Terry used a few randomly selected words from Anna Kendrick's Scrappy Little Nobody.  Like most random things, there were some good outcomes and some not-so-good outcomes.  Think of it as one more layer in a podcast lasagna that is trying to bubble over in the pan.

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