Flickering Waves

This is a mad dash of a week for the podcast.  If all goes to plan, this is the first of three episodes in the days leading up to Record Store Day 2017.  This installment deals with seven records that Terry bought over the years that were infinitely better than the low, low prices paid for them would suggest (not free, just cheap).  Some of these have even become essential recordings in his collection.  Terry reflects on one of his favorite radio stations as well as some of the places where he bought these records.  Sometimes one cheap record can someone a fan for life.  And of course there are tangents, planned and otherwise.

There is a YouTube playlist available that highlights a pick from each of these albums.  However, once there, it should be easy and surprisingly legit to explore the rest of these albums for additional enjoyment.

One can also e-mail the podcast at flickeringwaves@gmail.com And also there is a Facebook group and Twitter feed for the podcast.  And after listening one is wondering, yes I did manage to talk for more than an hour non-stop and I don't get it either.  Episodes 26 & 27 should post by next Saturday.

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