Flickering Waves

Attempts at being flowery about a rock record are definitely contained within.  This, being posted in the final moments of June 21st, is a reflection on Guided By Voices' 1994 indie classic Bee Thousand which celebrates its 20th anniversary on the aforementioned day.  There are some thoughts on the reunited lineup and some interesting pop culture tidbits but ultimately this is one humble attempt at celebrating twenty years of Bee Thousand.  Be on the lookout for more reflections back to other great albums from 1994 in upcoming episodes.

Episode 5, which should come out in July, will center around Francis Ford Coppola's One From The Heart which features the music of Tom Waits and is currently available on Netflix "Watch Instant".  For more episodes of the podcast, go to flickeringwaves.com or iTunes.  Also look for the YouTube playlist for this and other episodes of the podcast.

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