Flickering Waves

For Independence Day 2014, Terry revisits Francis Ford Coppola's 1982 film "One From The Heart" which features an Oscar-nominated Song Score from Tom Waits.  Mr. Coppola chose to follow up Apocalypse Now with the simple love story of Hank and Frannie (Frederic Forrest and Teri Garr).  A production that went over budget and a troubling pre-release buzz led Coppola to remove the film from distribution shortly after its February 1982 release.

Upon closer inspection, this minor film in the Coppola filmography is worthy of reconsideration due to solid performances especially from Teri Garr, its technical innovations and the music from the film.  All this and more is discussed in this episode of Flickering Waves.  Episode 6 of the podcast will feature a discussion of Ray Dennis Steckler's 1969 film Body Fever.  Check out the YouTube playlist for this episode of the podcast and please comment and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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