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Leaving the fictional Las Vegas and turning our sights onto a director who would spend his later years in Las Vegas, this episode features a discussion of Ray Dennis Steckler's 1969 film Body Fever.  Body Fever features Steckler regulars Carolyn Brandt, Ron Haydock, Herb Robins and Gary Kent as well as behind the scenes work from Keith Wester and Jack Cooperman.  As someone who recognizes that Steckler's work is still relatively unknown, Terry often finds himself drifting off to other films in Steckler's career and some of the great stories behind them.  It is safe to say that many topics here will be revisited in future episodes of the podcast.

In an effort to briefly discuss the cinematographers Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs, Terry incorrectly credited the cinematography in The Last Picture Show to Mr. Kovacs when it was actually Robert Surtees.  Laszlo Kovacs did work in many other pictures including Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The King of Marvin Gardens, Ghostbusters and Say Anything.  We apologize for the incorrect credit.

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