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Switching gears back to a discussion of music brings Terry to a discussion about a series of road trips that led him to see She & Him and M. Ward a combined nine times over the past seven years.  Merge 20 is the heart of the discussion for this half but this discussion also covers road trips/plane trips to Atlanta and Athens.  Aside from the road stories, Terry shares some of his favorite songs from both She & Him and M. Ward.

This discussion of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (collectively known as She & Him) will continue on in the second half of Episode 7.  In that part, the attention will turn to the 2013 trip to Nashville for She & Him and M. Ward's tour of Florida earlier this year.  It will also look back at favorite songs and favorite moments from all nine shows.

As usual, the YouTube page for Flickering Waves will highlight some of the music discussed in this episode.  The podcast itself can be downloaded from flickeringwaves.com as well as iTunes where everyone can also subscribe and rate the podcast.  If you want to join the discussion, we can be found on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and Twitter (@flickeringwaves) or you can contact us at flickeringwaves@gmail.com.

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