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With this episode, this may be the closest that Terry gets to answer that dreaded question of many music fans out there, "What's your favorite album?"  The discussion for this episode turns to the 1994 release from Jeff Buckley entitled Grace.  Terry highlights some of the behind-the-scenes stories and talks about a few of his favorite songs off the album in hopes of explaining why this solitary release from Jeff Buckley was such a defining moment in music as a whole and not just another great album from 1994.

If you would like to learn more about Jeff Buckley, please seek out our YouTube playlist for this episode.  The podcast can be found on iTunes (please feel free to subscribe and comment there) and flickeringwaves.com  There is also a Flickering Waves Facebook group page and Twitter account (@flickeringwaves).  Episode 10 will not come out until September but there will be an end-of-summer mini-episode coming out for Labor Day weekend.

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