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We have a brief discussion of thirteen additional recommendations.  Most are available to stream on Hulu right now while some of the others are from Terry's stack of things to watch (or things that have been watched) this Halloween season.  This list tries to add some more family friendly suggestions but is still quite loaded with a number of more intense horrors.

The final part of this trilogy of mini-episodes should post on Halloween.  It will deal with some movies that have specific Halloween memories whether or not the movies themselves take place in the season.  It will also include a number of movies that will good and horrifying to watch even as the calendar pushes into November and beyond.

A collection of trailers for the most of the movies discussed in this episode will be available thru YouTube on the Flickering Waves channel.  Please follow us on Facebook thru The Flickering Waves Podcast group page or @flickeringwaves on Twitter.

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