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So now that summer is coming to an end (or over in many people's minds), our host reflects on the 1970's classic song Starbuck's "Moonlight Feels Right".  As this was never intended as a history lesson like many of the other episodes, the AM Gold classic from Starbuck is used as a springboard for a number of other topics.  Topics include but are likely not limited to the marimba (an unique componet to the Starbuck hit), how songs help recall the past, Bill Withers and how this podcast is shaping up for Episode 10 and beyond.

There are three YouTube playlists mentioned in this episode.  If you want direct links to them, please look for us on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page) and possibly Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Episodes of the podcast can be found on flickeringwaves.com as well as iTunes (where episodes can be downloaded, the podcast be commented on and subscribe to).  Thanks for a great summer and look for us back with Episode 10 in the fall.

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