Flickering Waves

In this crossover episode of the podcast, Terry, having received a response from a request made in the days of 78th and Hard Drive, revisits a segement from Episode 6 of 78th and Hard Drive to add proper musical context to the proceedings.  In other words, the wonderful folks at NCM East gave us the OK to use The Jongleurs' song "Plastic Lover" albeit after some time.  So if you like what you hear, check them out at ncmeast.com for their newer recordings and The Jongleurs' music can be found on iTunes and perhaps other digital music providers.

For fans of 78th and Hard Drive, please check out Flickering Waves through the same channels (iTunes, Facebook, Twitter) that led you to 78th and Hard Drive.  For fans of Flickering Waves, we'll be back soon with Episode 6 which will focus on Ray Dennis Steckler's Body Fever.

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