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Since Pan's Labyrinth was deemed to be the 39th movie Terry would watch this year, he decided to focus on foreign films for this episode. Just over half of these titles can be streamed on the Criterion Channel. Also discussed are the last couple of films he saw on the big screen including Portrait of a Lady on Fire (now streaming on Hulu). Terry also suggests a starter film for non-fans of foreign films as well as the film that Terry thinks is one of the best horror films of the new century. A certain Friday the 13th experiment is also discussed and much more.

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Continuing the format of the last episode, Terry reviews the first fourteen movies he saw during February 2020.  This batch is a little heavier on revisiting movies especially as Valentine’s Day approached.  However, genre-twisted romances were on order as the day got closer.  For streaming fans, Terry visits the Criterion Channel and Shudder for some of his picks.  This included a couple of episodes of Joe Bob Briggs’ Last Drive-In which Terry had been missing for a little while.  Also featured is a bit of overselling of a Hal Hartley favorite (aren’t they all) as well as what happens when childhood joy turns into adult indifference.  Hopefully, there are some good suggestions in here for everyone.  There is no need to tease the next episode here as the end of the episode makes it crystal clear.

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In an effort to back the podcast, Terry is discussing the movies that he watched during the month of January.  This is also going to serve the request of a co-worker who wishes that Terry would watch a particular film.  That film, mentioned in this episode, will be the 39th movie that Terry watches this year.

As Grindhouse Video and Vinegar Syndrome had big sales back in November, they heavily influence the list discussed here.  It does feature some Arrow releases as a film from Hal Hartley.  Naturally, some tangents ensue.

As the episode progress, the films discussed are increasingly adult in nature so please understand this isn't suitable for all audiences even if the language is kept relatively clean.  As explained in the episode, adult titles won't be off limits in this or future discussions on the podcast.

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