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Since Pan's Labyrinth was deemed to be the 39th movie Terry would watch this year, he decided to focus on foreign films for this episode. Just over half of these titles can be streamed on the Criterion Channel. Also discussed are the last couple of films he saw on the big screen including Portrait of a Lady on Fire (now streaming on Hulu). Terry also suggests a starter film for non-fans of foreign films as well as the film that Terry thinks is one of the best horror films of the new century. A certain Friday the 13th experiment is also discussed and much more.

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Continuing the format of the last episode, Terry reviews the first fourteen movies he saw during February 2020.  This batch is a little heavier on revisiting movies especially as Valentine’s Day approached.  However, genre-twisted romances were on order as the day got closer.  For streaming fans, Terry visits the Criterion Channel and Shudder for some of his picks.  This included a couple of episodes of Joe Bob Briggs’ Last Drive-In which Terry had been missing for a little while.  Also featured is a bit of overselling of a Hal Hartley favorite (aren’t they all) as well as what happens when childhood joy turns into adult indifference.  Hopefully, there are some good suggestions in here for everyone.  There is no need to tease the next episode here as the end of the episode makes it crystal clear.

Direct download: Episode_30_-_Greatness_Yet_To_Come.mp3
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In an effort to back the podcast, Terry is discussing the movies that he watched during the month of January.  This is also going to serve the request of a co-worker who wishes that Terry would watch a particular film.  That film, mentioned in this episode, will be the 39th movie that Terry watches this year.

As Grindhouse Video and Vinegar Syndrome had big sales back in November, they heavily influence the list discussed here.  It does feature some Arrow releases as a film from Hal Hartley.  Naturally, some tangents ensue.

As the episode progress, the films discussed are increasingly adult in nature so please understand this isn't suitable for all audiences even if the language is kept relatively clean.  As explained in the episode, adult titles won't be off limits in this or future discussions on the podcast.

Finally, more can be found on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page), Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and on YouTube (through Flickering Waves playlists).  Please also rate and comment on Apple Podcasts.  One can also send a e-mail to flickeringwaves@gmail.com

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The heart of this episode is a discussion of Jim Jarmusch's third film, Down By Law.  Released in 1986, its stars much like their characters in the movie have taken unique paths since this film. Some have stayed together while others have gone their separate ways.  Terry tries to discuss this and probably too much else in this episode.  Included in this episode is a discussion on I-4 (recorded while on I-4) and personal tales of New Orleans (the setting of this episode's film.  This is the first leg of the Pod Road Trip or PRT.  This leg takes us from Polk County, FL to New Orleans, LA.  By the end of the trip, the discussions of films and albums will take us to Los Angeles after which the theme will change but the journeys are expected to continue.

Please follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and become a member of the Facebook group (search "The Flickering Waves Podcast").  For further exploration of the topics discussed on this episode, there is YouTube channel and episode playlist (search "Flickering Waves").

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The return of the podcast after a lengthy time away brings the listener a review of the year that was and the year ahead in both movies and music.  Naturally, this is shot through Terry's favorites from both.  In both cases, Terry even gets fanciful about possible but unlikely returns (at least this year) from several artists in film and music.  If Episode 28 and the rest of the Road Trip episodes are the journey then this episode is the lengthy process of packing all the bags before the trip.  Besides it is great to know where one is coming from before worrying about getting somewhere new.  If you are enjoying the podcast then tell a friend or post on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Direct download: Episode_27_-_Lets_Go_Away_For_Awhile.mp3
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Terry found himself revisiting the catalogue of Eric Clapton back in April.  Once he heard that tour dates were getting rescheduled due to illness, it seemed like a good time to share a list of some of the deeper cuts before they could possibly become part of a posthumous tribute to the guitar great.

Before that Terry goes into a mostly fun explanation of why the podcast has been away.  Then the close explores where the next twelve episodes are going to go (hope everyone like a road trip, not literal - of course).  And while it is not intended to be away again for two months, due to some personal affairs, the return of the podcast for Episode 27 is uncertain at this time.

Please follow us on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and Twitter (@flickeringwaves) for updates.  The YouTube playlist of the ten Clapton songs is up on YouTube along with playlists related to some of the other episodes of the podcast.  Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes and drop us a line at flickeringwaves@gmail.com  Thanks as always for listening.

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This is a mad dash of a week for the podcast.  If all goes to plan, this is the first of three episodes in the days leading up to Record Store Day 2017.  This installment deals with seven records that Terry bought over the years that were infinitely better than the low, low prices paid for them would suggest (not free, just cheap).  Some of these have even become essential recordings in his collection.  Terry reflects on one of his favorite radio stations as well as some of the places where he bought these records.  Sometimes one cheap record can someone a fan for life.  And of course there are tangents, planned and otherwise.

There is a YouTube playlist available that highlights a pick from each of these albums.  However, once there, it should be easy and surprisingly legit to explore the rest of these albums for additional enjoyment.

One can also e-mail the podcast at flickeringwaves@gmail.com And also there is a Facebook group and Twitter feed for the podcast.  And after listening one is wondering, yes I did manage to talk for more than an hour non-stop and I don't get it either.  Episodes 26 & 27 should post by next Saturday.

Direct download: Episode_25_-_Low_Budget.mp3
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This episode features an unique discussion of the 1998 film Next Stop Wonderland starring Hope Davis and directed by Brad Anderson.  As we are one year from the 20th anniversary of the film, Terry didn't want to do a regular breakdown of the film.  There are likely spoilers in this episode but one hopes that the discussion will encourage watching or re-watching one of Terry's favorite films of 1990s.

So in this discussion, Terry explores some history with some of the actors in the film as well as his own personal history of watching the film.  Also, Terry speaks about his fascination with the soundtrack and bossa nova in general.  Towards the end, there are a couple of film recommendations as well as a slice of Terry's creative thought surrounding what he wanted in the third segment of Before series (which would be named Before Midnight).

All of this and more is framed around a nod to a recurring moment in Next Stop Wonderland.  To do this, Terry used a few randomly selected words from Anna Kendrick's Scrappy Little Nobody.  Like most random things, there were some good outcomes and some not-so-good outcomes.  Think of it as one more layer in a podcast lasagna that is trying to bubble over in the pan.

Please check the Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) as well as Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Or go "old school" in internet interaction and drop the podcast a line at flickeringwaves@gmail.com

Direct download: Episode_24_-_Hey_Nineteen.mp3
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This is a relatively short episode of the podcast to bring the machinery back up to speed for more episodes in 2017.  The time away was just that.  Thought was given to hanging it up but as long as the downloads keep happening, there will be more but there is no guarantee of the frequency.

So perhaps the last few months feel strange.  Yeah, me too.  Looking briefly back at November and last Oscar Sunday, Terry offers thoughts on how he feels about award shows now and what these two events might mean for the episodes ahead.  Perhaps new vistas will be exciting or perhaps it is fancy dressing over old ideas.  Thanks for taking a listen and deciding for yourself.

No YouTube playlist for this one.  However, if one wants to follow what movies Terry watches in 2017, there is a YouTube playlist for that.  For links related to the episode, Terry just might post on the Facebook group page and/or the Twitter feed.

Direct download: Episode_23_-_Tell_Me_When_Did_Things_Go_So_Wrong.mp3
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For this final installment of the three-part Halloween jamboree, Terry has some last minute horrifying suggestions for Halloween or simply some horror-related suggestions for any time of the year.  Many of these are available thru the Fandor streaming service while others are Blu-Rays that Terry has picked up hoping to find some time to watch them.  The episode deals with some classics like Carnival of Souls and moves through some more contemporary favorites like Frankenhooker and finishes with some international selections like Santa Sangre.  Hopefully, if one likes horror, one can find something new here or perhaps be reminded of a previously viewed movie that could be the next new classic for Halloween or any time of year.

If one would like to support the podcast, please go to iTunes and subscribe and rate the podcast.  One can also go on Facebook and request to be part of the Facebook group for The Flickering Waves Podcast.  Finally, one can follow the podcast on Twitter @flickeringwaves.  We look to return to more "traditional" programming now that October is winding down.  Thanks for listening!

Direct download: Night_of_the_Creeps.mp3
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We have a brief discussion of thirteen additional recommendations.  Most are available to stream on Hulu right now while some of the others are from Terry's stack of things to watch (or things that have been watched) this Halloween season.  This list tries to add some more family friendly suggestions but is still quite loaded with a number of more intense horrors.

The final part of this trilogy of mini-episodes should post on Halloween.  It will deal with some movies that have specific Halloween memories whether or not the movies themselves take place in the season.  It will also include a number of movies that will good and horrifying to watch even as the calendar pushes into November and beyond.

A collection of trailers for the most of the movies discussed in this episode will be available thru YouTube on the Flickering Waves channel.  Please follow us on Facebook thru The Flickering Waves Podcast group page or @flickeringwaves on Twitter.

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After some lengthy and emotionally heavier episodes, Terry wanted to reflect on the season and tap into his Halloween spirits.  Includes here are suggestions and recommendations that can be considered (with some caveats in some cases) for October.  Some are movies that can be found on various streaming services and others are ones that Terry is personally looking to visit on the big screen (thanks to the Enzian in Orlando) and at home for various reasons.  If one is looking for some horrific inspirations this time of year, we hope this first of three mini-episodes will serve as a good time.

A collection of trailers for these features will be on the Flickering Waves YouTube channel.  The podcast can be downloaded, subscribed to and commented about on iTunes.  More recommendations to come over the next couple of weeks.

Direct download: Horror_Pictures_Halloween_2016_-_Part_1.mp3
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This is a discussion of Terry's favorite movie of all time, the 1966 classic from Ray Dennis Steckler entitled Rat Pfink A Boo Boo (not a typo).  In doing so, the episode is twice as long as the movie.  But this is a podcast so naturally, there is much more to be discussed in this episode including Yoga Hosers, Raiders!:  The Story of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made as well as the music of Ron Haydock and the compilation from Numero Group released this past Record Store Day entitled Los Alamos Grind and of course whatever else can come across Terry's mind.

We can be found on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page) and Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  The podcast can also be found on flickeringwaves.com as well as on iTunes where one can also subscribed and comment on the podcast.  E-mails can also be directed to the podcast at flickeringwaves@gmail.com

Direct download: Episode_22_-_Watch_Out_For_Me_Ronnie.mp3
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Much like the album that is the subject of this episode of the podcast, this may prove to be the most personal episode to date.  This despite or perhaps because of efforts to overstate non-essential points and understate the essential ones.  But what is intended as an overview of the 1986 classic album from Peter Gabriel entitled So expands into a look back at Terry's adolescence and touches on topics that are clearly still on his mind and in his heart.  Yes, this episode just might go too deep.

Largely due to the new editing technique being used, the YouTube playlists are not up-to-date but keep an eye on those on the YouTube channel for the podcast.  Want to subscribe?  Thanks for the interest and please do so on iTunes where the podcast can also be rated and commented on.  Want to send an e-mail direct?  The address is flickeringwaves@gmail.com There is also a Facebook group page (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and we're on Twitter as well (@flickeringwaves).  Thanks for downloading and/or listening.

Direct download: Episode_21_-_Dont_Give_Up.mp3
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Taking inspiration from the Jeff Tweedy penned song, Terry explores the wild, wonderful of music both in its physical and digital formats with some discussion on vinyl and multi-channel sound as well as whatever might have crossed his mind while thinking about the above topics.  In other words, if one has found enjoyment in previous episodes of this podcast then one can hopefully found some more here.

Be on the lookout for the YouTube playlist as soon as Terry can find time to actually listen to this episode.  Episode 21 will focus on Peter Gabriel's So and the year of 1986 which would be pivotal in the growth of Terry's appreciation of music.

Direct download: Episode_20_-_I_Cant_Keep_From_Talking.mp3
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In the longest solo cast so far, Terry tries to discuss the how and why of movie going for him.  As it turns out, there is quite of who and what to be told here too which means that the surface is barely scratched.  However, there are discussions of the theatrical and home video experiences as well as IMAX and 3D and drive-ins.  The recent closing of Movie Stop gives Terry a chance to reflect on a darker side of film fandom but there are also reflections of great experiences throughout the years.  Ultimately, biases can be revealed and standards established so they can be reexamined against additional who's and what's in upcoming episodes.  This episode also serves as a preview of what the movie side of the podcast will look like for the rest of 2016.

Don't forget Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page) and Twitter (@flickeringwaves) as well as iTunes (subscribe, comment and submit reviews) and YouTube (Flickering Waves channel).  The YouTube playlist promises to be epic and hopefully pretty good as well.  When Episode 20 comes on next time, Terry goes into the weeds of how and why again but with music.  Thanks for downloading and listening.

Direct download: Episode_19_-_Speakin_Out.mp3
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To mark Bill Withers' 78th birthday on July 4th, we are discussing his debut album from 1971 entitled Just As I Am.  As the song Ain't No Sunshine is featured on the album, Terry talks to his friend about the song's connection to them through the movie that they made in 1999 entitled The Whole Town Is Sleeping.

And while on the surface having someone whose knowledge is more in movies than in music, Joel move than proved to be the perfect guest for this episode.  Terry & Joel look back at the movie they made tying it back to an ultimate soundtrack album that was made as a source of inspiration and even a little frustration.  They also look back at an album that hopefully can get its fair due before the 50th anniversary in 2021.  Terry also finds a way to tie it back to one of the better received albums of 2016.

And at this epic length, one can be assured that they are tangents on deck.  Seek out the forthcoming YouTube playlist on the Flickering Waves channel to help sort out unfamiliar waters.

Like the podcast?  Then please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or join the Flickering Waves Podcast Facebook group.  We should be back in late July for an episode entitled Speakin' Out which will explore the how & why of movie going with Terry.

Direct download: Episode_18_-_Do_It_Good.mp3
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Revisiting the idea of the "Moonlight Feels Right" installment of the podcast, Terry tries to reflect on the Santana favorite from 1976, "Europa".  However, when the song is from an artist whose works now span six decades, the main topic of discussion is easily stepped around during the episode.  From high school poetry to qualifiers as well as guitar lessons of different kinds covering two generations, this became more of an episode than what was originally intended.

As music has served as a way to make sense of a world that is becoming increasingly less so, the events in Orlando at Pulse and Plaza Live did affect indirectly the recording of the episode.  As awkward as the opening may seem, everyone at Flickering Waves is hoping for the best for the survivors, the friends and family of the victims and the city of Orlando in what was a weekend full of senseless, wholly unjustified violence.

There is quite the YouTube playlist at our YouTube channel; search for "Flickering Waves Europa" and the playlist should come right up.  Please remember though we encourage everyone out there to seek out physical and/or legal downloads of the music and video contained in the playlist (where available).  Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes (five stars reviews are much appreciated).  We also have a Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) as well as a Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Listen to the end of the podcast and one can find out the subject of Episode 18 with a tentative release date of July 4th.  Take care, everyone and everywhere.

Direct download: Episode_17_-_Europa_Earths_Cry_Heavens_Smile.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:56am EDT

This is the reset installment of the podcast.  We have been gone for nearly six months and I wanted to offer a brief explanation and look ahead to the rest of 2016.  The preview is mostly cryptic teasing but if you want more cryptic teasing or better still declarations of what we will talk about here on the podcast then join the Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) or follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves).

The next installment should be out sometime in June with the intent of two episodes a month for the rest of the year.  Hope everyone has a great summer.

Direct download: Episode_00_-_Im_Gonna_DJ.mp3
Category:Movies & Music -- posted at: 10:45pm EDT

So my editor is on vacation which may be good as this episode probably would have not happened if they were here.  This is an episode that could only come together when no proper time has been given to it.  In this episode, Terry reflects on one of his recent pop culture holiday traditions, "The Christmas Show" episode of Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip and the lengths he went through to watch it this year.  A brief appreciation that show spills into a reflection of "The Endless River" and two wishes that Terry has related to the band and what could still come from them.  They are the movie "Crystal Voyager" and the song "Embryo"

Follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves), join the Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast), download, subscribe & comment on the podcast at iTunes.

Direct download: Episode_16_-_O_Holy_Night.mp3
Category:TV, Music & Movies -- posted at: 12:52am EDT

This return of the podcast was inspired by a musical discovery from this past summer.  This discovery led to a lengthy YouTube/internet search and ultimately a chance to finally talk about cover songs.  This intended-as-a-mini-episode but instead became a gluttonous epic of an episode was also inspired by Taylor Swift's & Ryan Adams' versions of 1989.  Contained within is a discussion of six songs that Terry feels would make interesting covers for male artists (and yes Terry is playing rock 'n' roll fantasy here as well).

As She & Him, Bongwater, Tori Amos, Yo La Tengo, Beth Orton & The Breeders are known for covering songs themselves, six more songs are discussed from those artists.  In that second course, a discussion is had of those cover songs and in most cases the artists who originated them.  Tangents are definitely found within but also a brief explanation on the gap between episodes and as well as aspirations for 2016.

As stated many, many times during the episode, we have a YouTube channel (Flickering Waves) that has the songs discussed in this episode and a few additional clips.  If you like what we are up to here, please follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves), join our Facebook group (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes.  We will close out 2015 with what will hopefully become another annual tradition, the Flickering Waves Wish List.

Direct download: Episode_15_-_When_It_All_Comes_Down.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 9:04am EDT

Since Wilco was the subject of Episode 14 and they decided to drop a surprise album onto the internet only days after Terry's birthday, he thought it was worth revisiting Wilco in this quick, dirty (only in terms of production) episode of the podcast.  In it, Terry gives his initial impressions on the new Wilco album, Star Wars.  Even as Wilco has been quite friendly with the internet over the years, this surprise release of an album seemed quite unreal.  But after two times around with the album, Terry realized that this was quite the proper release and not some belated April Fools' joke.

Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, you bet we have a little corner in all of them.  Feel like making a direct comment or two?   Then feel free to e-mail us at flickeringwaves@gmail.com.  Also reviews and comments can be left on iTunes.  Hopefully, it won't be so long before the next episode.

Direct download: Episode_14_And_A_Half_-_Star_Wars.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:40am EDT

As April comes to a close, this episode of the podcast covers a lot of territory.  There is a brief wrap up of Terry's time at the 2015 Florida Film Festival where he watched The Little Death and Alphaville.  The bulk of the discussion is about Wilco's debut album A.M. which celebrated its 20th anniversary back in March.  To provide that discussion with good context, we revisit the end of Uncle Tupelo and talk briefly about the other band that came from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt.  Terry talks about the one record store visit that helped make him the fan of Wilco that he remains to this day.

To wrap up the episode, there is a brief discussion of another album marking its 20th anniversary.  April 1995 brought us Home IX, an all-time favorite of Terry's.  And Terry pays tribute to Vin Scelsa who is about to wrap up his nearly fifty years career in radio.

If one downloads this episode from iTunes, please take time to subscribe and comment on the podcast.  One can also join the Facebook group for the podcast (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Also be on the look out for the YouTube playlist for this episode on the Flickering Waves YouTube channel.

Direct download: Episode_14_-_Thats_Not_The_Issue.mp3
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On the eve of the second and final showing of the 2015 Florida Film Festival's collection of documentary shorts entitled "8 X Very, Very Real", I'm posting my initial thoughts on these diverse and interesting shorts.  My thoughts on the two features I'm seeing on the final day of the festival should be posted by the middle of next week.  Be sure to subscribe and comment on iTunes as well look us up on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page), Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and our YouTube channel (Flickering Waves).

Direct download: Private_Investigations_2015_Florida_Film_Festival_Getaway_Part_2.mp3
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This bonus installment of the podcast features initial thoughts on two movies screened at the 2015 Florida Film Festival, Results & Salad Days.  Due to the nature of the recording setting for much of this recording, the fidelity isn't ideal but it is the best that can be provided under the circumstances.

If you have comments that you would like to make about the podcast, please send them to flickeringwaves@gmail.com.  Please subscribe, rate and comment on the podcast on iTunes.  Also look out for the YouTube playlists related to this and other episodes of the podcast.  And if you want more, we have Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page) and Twitter (@flickeringwaves).

Direct download: 2015_Florida_Film_Festival_Getaway_Part_1.mp3
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Originally intended as just a discussion of the 1990 film The Nasty Girl, this episode evolved into one of epic length.  Also discussed on the podcast is the 2012 film Stories We Tell.  Terry had hoped to compare and contrast two true stories told in two different methods.  It is possible that more questions were raised than answered on this one.  Hopefully, this might encourages some good people to go and check both films which as of April 1st, 2015, are available on Netflix's streaming service.

Please check out the podcast group page on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast) or follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  One can also check out the YouTube channel on YouTube.  The playlist for this episode should be available soon.  Other episode playlist are already available for everyone's enjoyment.

Direct download: Episode_13_-_Love__Anger.mp3
Category:movies -- posted at: 1:25am EDT

As February 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Mike Watt's first solo album, Ball-Hog or Tugboat, Terry decided not to delay his overview of Mike Watt's solo work any longer.  But to cover the solo work does require an acknowledgement of Minutemen and their classic Double Nickels on the Dime.

The introduction to the work of Mike Watt brings up all four solo albums including the most recent release, Hyphenated-Man.  Many options are offered up throughout the episode on how to find out more about the man with the bass, Mike Watt.  One such option is checking out the YouTube playlist made for this episode of the podcast.  It is a mix of live and studio recordings and features work from Minutemen and his solo work as well as session work that he did with Kelly Clarkson and She & Him.  Nearly all of his music videos are included.  Big Train is the big exception but if one doesn't want to search for themselves then one can check out the Facebook page and Twitter feed for Flickering Waves for the link to that video which led to a lawsuit from Union Pacific.

This episode concludes with a preview of the next two episodes of the podcast which should post this month.  One can find this podcast on flickeringwaves.com or on iTunes.  On iTunes, one can also subscribe to and comment about the podcast.  Thanks to everyone for listening.

Direct download: Episode_12_And_A_Half_-_In_The_Engine_Room.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:53am EDT

As this is the first podcast of 2015, this episode tries to bridge the pop culture gap between Christmas and now.  We start with a discussion of the three-night concert celebrating the 20th anniversary for New Granada Records.  There are two brief discussions of movies and TV.  For movies, Terry discusses three of his favorite films from 2014 (Boyhood, Interstellar & The Dance of Reality) as well as two more films (Adjust Your Tracking & The Nasty Girl).  On the TV side, Terry discusses his favorite show of the moment (Togetherness) and gets a bit stuck on how to properly appreciate a specific aspect of the show.

Episode 13 should be right around the corner and it will be a discussion of two movies, the aforementioned The Nasty Girl and Stories We Tell.  Episode 12.5 is also coming and it will celebrate the solo work of Mike Watt.  He is briefly mentioned in this episode but Terry will return to reflect on the four solo albums and two times that Terry has seen him live.  Be sure to join the Facebook group page (The Flickering Waves Podcast) and follow us on Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and subscribe to us on iTunes.  Don't hesistate to leave us a review as well.  Thanks for listening.

Direct download: Episode_12_-_Too_Old_To_Rock_n_Roll_Too_Young_To_Die.mp3
Category:TV, Music & Movies -- posted at: 1:41am EDT

In what may prove to be the longest title of any episode of this podcast, Terry does explore the Negativland song that inspired the title of this episode but there is so much more.  First, Terry briefly considers not talking about TV anymore then proceeds to recommend three TV series (The Honorable Woman, Sonic Highways & A to Z. 

Then, a number of movies are discussed most of which are availble on Netflix Watch Instant.  Some are soon to leave like Girls Just Want To Have Fun while some are still coming like Chef.  There are some New Year's Eve viewing suggestions including the previously discussed One From The Heart which recently returned to the Netflix streaming service.

Finally, the discussion goes to music with post scripts on discussions of She & Him and Guided by Voices.  However, the heart of the music discussion is a consideration of the Negativland song from 1989.  Since artists like The Flaming Lips are taking pop recordings like Sgt. Pepper and making them stranger should artists like Taylor Swift seek out more adventurous recordings and make them work in the pop realm?  This smorgasbord of an episode tries to refer back to elements of the earlier episodes while laying out clues to podcast episodes that should be forthcoming in 2015.

Direct download: Episode_10_-_The_Perfect_Cut_White_Rabbit__A_Dog_Named_Gidget.mp3
Category:Pop Culture -- posted at: 2:53am EDT

So now that summer is coming to an end (or over in many people's minds), our host reflects on the 1970's classic song Starbuck's "Moonlight Feels Right".  As this was never intended as a history lesson like many of the other episodes, the AM Gold classic from Starbuck is used as a springboard for a number of other topics.  Topics include but are likely not limited to the marimba (an unique componet to the Starbuck hit), how songs help recall the past, Bill Withers and how this podcast is shaping up for Episode 10 and beyond.

There are three YouTube playlists mentioned in this episode.  If you want direct links to them, please look for us on Facebook (The Flickering Waves Podcast group page) and possibly Twitter (@flickeringwaves).  Episodes of the podcast can be found on flickeringwaves.com as well as iTunes (where episodes can be downloaded, the podcast be commented on and subscribe to).  Thanks for a great summer and look for us back with Episode 10 in the fall.

Direct download: Moonlight_Feels_Right.mp3
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With this episode, this may be the closest that Terry gets to answer that dreaded question of many music fans out there, "What's your favorite album?"  The discussion for this episode turns to the 1994 release from Jeff Buckley entitled Grace.  Terry highlights some of the behind-the-scenes stories and talks about a few of his favorite songs off the album in hopes of explaining why this solitary release from Jeff Buckley was such a defining moment in music as a whole and not just another great album from 1994.

If you would like to learn more about Jeff Buckley, please seek out our YouTube playlist for this episode.  The podcast can be found on iTunes (please feel free to subscribe and comment there) and flickeringwaves.com  There is also a Flickering Waves Facebook group page and Twitter account (@flickeringwaves).  Episode 10 will not come out until September but there will be an end-of-summer mini-episode coming out for Labor Day weekend.

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Hurricane Charley will be remembered for many things by the people who experienced its wrath when it made landfall on Friday, August 13th, 2004.  Leave it to Terry to find some personal yet pop culture connection to it as he discusses Ryan Adams' album Love Is Hell also from 2004 (well, not exactly 2004).  That little release date question is just the beginning of a discussion that is part weather report and part album review.

The next episode also has connection to that bummer summer of 2004.  But it came to everyone in 1994 and it is Jeff Buckley's Grace which will celebrate a 20th anniversary later this month.

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Terry here...I'm wrapping the She & Him/M. Ward discussion (for now) with an overview of the She & Him show in Nashville from 2013 and two of the M. Ward shows from earlier this year.  I can honestly say that the whole story isn't here but the largely tangential parts left out should come in handy for inspiring other episodes of the podcast.  I talk about one of their hard-to-find videos as well as two important members of the She & Him and M. Ward touring bands, Scott McPherson and Mike Coykendall as well as some other odds-and-ends that conclude this love letter of sorts to two of my favorite musical experiences that are out there today.

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Switching gears back to a discussion of music brings Terry to a discussion about a series of road trips that led him to see She & Him and M. Ward a combined nine times over the past seven years.  Merge 20 is the heart of the discussion for this half but this discussion also covers road trips/plane trips to Atlanta and Athens.  Aside from the road stories, Terry shares some of his favorite songs from both She & Him and M. Ward.

This discussion of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (collectively known as She & Him) will continue on in the second half of Episode 7.  In that part, the attention will turn to the 2013 trip to Nashville for She & Him and M. Ward's tour of Florida earlier this year.  It will also look back at favorite songs and favorite moments from all nine shows.

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Leaving the fictional Las Vegas and turning our sights onto a director who would spend his later years in Las Vegas, this episode features a discussion of Ray Dennis Steckler's 1969 film Body Fever.  Body Fever features Steckler regulars Carolyn Brandt, Ron Haydock, Herb Robins and Gary Kent as well as behind the scenes work from Keith Wester and Jack Cooperman.  As someone who recognizes that Steckler's work is still relatively unknown, Terry often finds himself drifting off to other films in Steckler's career and some of the great stories behind them.  It is safe to say that many topics here will be revisited in future episodes of the podcast.

In an effort to briefly discuss the cinematographers Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs, Terry incorrectly credited the cinematography in The Last Picture Show to Mr. Kovacs when it was actually Robert Surtees.  Laszlo Kovacs did work in many other pictures including Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The King of Marvin Gardens, Ghostbusters and Say Anything.  We apologize for the incorrect credit.

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In this crossover episode of the podcast, Terry, having received a response from a request made in the days of 78th and Hard Drive, revisits a segement from Episode 6 of 78th and Hard Drive to add proper musical context to the proceedings.  In other words, the wonderful folks at NCM East gave us the OK to use The Jongleurs' song "Plastic Lover" albeit after some time.  So if you like what you hear, check them out at ncmeast.com for their newer recordings and The Jongleurs' music can be found on iTunes and perhaps other digital music providers.

For fans of 78th and Hard Drive, please check out Flickering Waves through the same channels (iTunes, Facebook, Twitter) that led you to 78th and Hard Drive.  For fans of Flickering Waves, we'll be back soon with Episode 6 which will focus on Ray Dennis Steckler's Body Fever.

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For Independence Day 2014, Terry revisits Francis Ford Coppola's 1982 film "One From The Heart" which features an Oscar-nominated Song Score from Tom Waits.  Mr. Coppola chose to follow up Apocalypse Now with the simple love story of Hank and Frannie (Frederic Forrest and Teri Garr).  A production that went over budget and a troubling pre-release buzz led Coppola to remove the film from distribution shortly after its February 1982 release.

Upon closer inspection, this minor film in the Coppola filmography is worthy of reconsideration due to solid performances especially from Teri Garr, its technical innovations and the music from the film.  All this and more is discussed in this episode of Flickering Waves.  Episode 6 of the podcast will feature a discussion of Ray Dennis Steckler's 1969 film Body Fever.  Check out the YouTube playlist for this episode of the podcast and please comment and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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Attempts at being flowery about a rock record are definitely contained within.  This, being posted in the final moments of June 21st, is a reflection on Guided By Voices' 1994 indie classic Bee Thousand which celebrates its 20th anniversary on the aforementioned day.  There are some thoughts on the reunited lineup and some interesting pop culture tidbits but ultimately this is one humble attempt at celebrating twenty years of Bee Thousand.  Be on the lookout for more reflections back to other great albums from 1994 in upcoming episodes.

Episode 5, which should come out in July, will center around Francis Ford Coppola's One From The Heart which features the music of Tom Waits and is currently available on Netflix "Watch Instant".  For more episodes of the podcast, go to flickeringwaves.com or iTunes.  Also look for the YouTube playlist for this and other episodes of the podcast.

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The aftermath of Record Store Day left Terry overwhelmed in the best possible way.  This episode explores the variety of music that came his way over roughly a four-to-six week period.  As the title of the episode would suggest, XTC does play a small part.  However, that Skylarking reissue is discussed as well as compliations from Numero Group, Rough Guide & Light In The Attic.  Then there are the recent releases and reissues from Courtney Barnett, Flaming Lips, The Both, Tori Amos, Liam Finn, Wye Oak, R.E.M. and The Zombies.  In short, if there isn't any music for you then Terry would suggest seeking some out at your "local" record store.  If you don't know of one then recordstoreday.com might be able to help.  Please support your local, independently minded record stores.

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Episode 4 will celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of Guided by Voices' classic Bee Thousand.  And given their two 2014 releases, they too get a brief mention in this episode of the podcast.  A lot of music to talk about but not in a lot of time so don't be surprise if some of this resurfaces in upcoming episodes.

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Shifting away from TV and over to music, Terry takes aim at a favorite song, The Coctails' Tenement from 1993's Long Sound, the band's third full-length release.  Knowing that most are unfamiliar with this band, Terry goes into a not-so-brief history of the band's first five years which Terry got exposed to by first seeing them at the Covered Dish in Gainesville, FL in 1994.

The Coctails started out in Kansas City but would adopt Chicago as their home.  Their unique blend of garage rock, jazz, exotica and whatever music moved them at the time would invite music lovers like Terry and confound others such as those that he informally introduced their music to over time.

Along the way, the podcast listener can discover why "Dancing With Architecture" was a suggested title for Terry's earlier podcast.  Find us on flickeringwaves.com and on iTunes as well as Facebook and Twitter (@flickeringwaves) and look for episode playlists on YouTube.

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Heading out into the podcast waters once again, Terry returns with a relatively brief introduction of what to expect with this new podcast, Flickering Waves, which is a look at pop culture and memories.  There is a brief tease as to what to expect in the first proper episode which will start going through post-production soon.  For those who have read this far, thanks and if you have enjoyed Terry and Aaron previously on 78th and Hard Drive then hopefully you'll enjoy the commentary from them as well as special contributors who will pop in and out from time to time.

"Celebrating the cheesy and twee (and the pretentious) since 1974." - Our current tagline for the podcast.  Perhaps we'll spend a whole episode explaining it but don't count on it.

Thanks to Paul van Deurs for allowing us to use his music for the themes of this new podcast.

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